About Us

Beautifully designed shoes are a staple in every man and woman’s wardrobe. Shoes are regarded as one of the most critical parts of anyone’s appearance, and there is a reason that shoes are given such importance in daily lives. Not only do shoes provide us with comfort while walking but also accentuate our appearance. So, it was this quest to make high quality footwear accessible to every fashionista that led to conceiving of an idea that later took the shape of what is today a global phenomenon, Shoe Monea.

Inspired by the global trends and demand for high quality footwear, Shoe Monea was formed by Monea Group in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 2015 and the first retail store was opened on Robinson Road, Nassau, the Bahamas in the month of December 2015. The exquisite designing and impeccable craftsmanship of master shoemakers soon ensured that Shoe Monea became a name synonymous with fabulous quality footwear for both men and women. This gave us the confidence to venture into the fashion wear industry as well and again our pursuit of excellence garnered incredible results for us here also.

But we believe that every person in this world has a right to own amazing footwear and clothes at affordable prices. That’s why we sell highest quality Footwear, Apparels, and Accessories at affordable prices. This strategy will helped us become a household name all over the world. The faith and encouragement of our customers will enabled us to expand aggressively, and we will have retail presence across five countries by 2026. After all, looking good is everybody’s right.

Now we operate out of our new headquarters out of Atlanta,GA (USA) and cater to our customers present all over the world. We have recently entered into a strategic agreement with a Major International Retailer and are soon going to register our presence across many more international destinations. Until we register our retail presence in new countries, you can explore our vast range of shoes, accessories and apparels on our website and place orders through our e-commerce platform. We ship to most countries and assure quality services to all our customers.

With a global sourcing team and expert fashionistas, we are always on the lookout for latest designs and trends all over the world and make sure that Fashion never looked this good. We are a team of style-conscious and fashion-savvy individuals with a dream to create a better-looking world through our amazing products. We are adding new designs and fashion to our portfolio every day and make sure that you get what you are looking for. We are continuously investing in innovation, technology and talent to push the boundaries of e-commerce. In just under three years we have gone on from a small company conceptualized in a small room in Atlanta to an international brand, this says a lot about our fantastic team, which comprises of some of the most talented designing minds from all over the world.

This is just the beginning; we look forward to becoming the most prominent fashion brand in the world, in the coming five years.